Die Zeitungsleser und der Philosoph
The Newspaper Readers and the Philosopher
Passau, Germany 2004
The public piece was the response to the invitation from the Bavarian press group Passau to do the sponsorís annual art exhibition at its printing, production and editing centre.

Gerz worked directly with the newspaper media (Neue Passauer Presse) and through the media with its readers. Over six weeks he had six questions published, each on a full page, accompanied by a commentary by philosopher and media theorist Friedrich Kittler. The readers were invited to write their answers onto the page of the newspaper.

About 1000 contributions were returned, and among those 80 participated in a philosophical conversation with Friedrich Kittler about the most often answered question: Are love and love the same? The conversation took place in the exhibition space and was followed by a banquet of all participants on a long table covered by their contributions.

The exhibition space showed the installation with the table of the banquet and the contributions, as well as a video projection of the philosophical conversation.

The 6 questions:

Are love and love the same?
Ist Liebe und Liebe das Gleiche?

Has it become easier to be a human being today?
Ist es einfacher heute Mensch zu sein?

How long would you like to live?
Wie lange möchten Sie leben?

Can there be happiness on earth?
Kann es das Glück auf Erden geben?

Should we talk about everything? (Do you want to know it all?)
Sollen wir über alles sprechen? (Möchten Sie alles erfahren?)

Are the Nazis coming back?
Kommen die Nazis wieder?

- Die Zeitungsleser und der Philosoph, Passauer Neue Presse, Passau 2004 (German)

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