Reasons for Smiles
Raisons de Sourire
Gründe zu Lächeln
Paris, France 1996/98; Vancouver, Canada 1997; Arles, France 1997; Göttingen, Germany 1997; Tallahassee FL, USA 1997
Jochen Gerz and Esther Shalev-Gerz

Reasons for Smiles is an interactive work, which will remain incomplete as long as the artists are alive. People are invited to contribute to the work. Through invitations on the electronic billboards of the city of Paris as well as in newspapers:

Send an undeveloped picture of your smile and you will become part of the work, making it change and grow. Simply think of something that makes you smile. There are apparently as many reasons for a smile as there are people, and for all we know, these reasons are as fleeting as the smiles they cause to arise. In reality, there seem to be more reasons for not smiling. But we smile despite them, as we do other things despite what we know.

All contributions are a part of Reasons for Smiles, which were exhibited in Paris 1996 (Cirque díHiver); Göttingen 1996/97, ( University Art Centre) ; Vancouver 1997 (Gallery Catriona Jeffries); Arles 1997 (Rencontres Internationales de la photographie), Tallahassee, FL. 1997 (University Art Gallery) and Paris 1998 (Maison Européenne de la photographie).

Invitation to Reasons for Smiles on electronic billboards, in newspaper ads, during workshops.
Object: framed black and white negatives on sheets of mirror glass. Various sizes.

- Reasons for Smiles,Raisons de Sourire, Actes Sud, Arles 1997 (French and English)

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