Ich Sigfried Uiberreither Landeshauptmann
I Sigfried Uiberreither Provincial Governor
Graz, Austria 2008
Inside the gate of the city castle of
Graz Sigfried Uiberreither (1908-1984),
the Provinical Governor and representative of the Reich in Styria, asks questions.
He asks passers-by and visitors
to the city at the site that was,
and today still is, the seat of the Provincial Governor; questions of a National Socialist criminal on the complicity and silence of the others, the majority, not only then at the time of the crimes, but also afterwards. He says: Without you I would not have become Sigfried Uiberreither.

This work of Jochen Gerz is the result of the unanimous decision of the Styrian Parliament and government. It is exemplary for the province and beyond. Moreover, I Sigfried Uiberreither is the first part of a trilogy of public works by Gerz on the subject of denial and repression. With the participation of the Styrian public and its authorship, a work will be created all over the province in 2009. 63 years after not only will challenge the “memory" of National Socialism – the time of the witnesses is coming to an end – but also give public meaning to the action and experience of everybody as an individual today.
Foto: colourspace
© Institut fur Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum Steiermark
Foto: colourspace
© Institut fur Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum Steiermark