Anthologie der Kunst
Anthology of Art
World Wide Web, 2001/2002

The Anthology of Art is the discourse between 312 international artists and theorists, who were invited to answer the above-mentioned question. Jochen Gerz directly invited the 12 initial participants (6 artists and 6 theorists) and asked them to produce a work for the website. The artists contributed a visual piece, whereas the theorists wrote texts between 1-3 pages in length. Each ‘generation’ of 12 contributions was hosted for two weeks on the net. Each participant invited a successor of their choice to replace his or her contribution. The website housed 312 contributions from all over the world – 156 visuals and 156 texts:

The mutual influence and the interdependence of contemporary art practice and theory was the starting point of this work. No one seems to question art itself any more. On the contrary, every word about art tends to transform into art as well. The question of the future, which is the central question of modernism, is also a question of the past. Can the question of the future become a question of the past?
Contemporary art today reflects foremost the conditions of its own production and promotion. The 312 theorists and artists interpret the relationship between theory and praxis in the (meta) modern era. On another level, The Anthology of Art demonstrates the changes that are introduced to the international art community through the global medium of the Internet.

Exhibitions: Akademie der Künste (Academy of the Arts) Berlin 2004, ZKM Karlsruhe (Centre for the arts and media technology), 2005 and at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn (Federal Kunsthall), 2006.
Partners: Braunschweig School of Art, the University of Rennes, University of Budapest; Lettre International, Berlin,
Evens Foundation, Antwerp; Dispositif pour la Création Artistique Multimédia, Paris.

- Anthologie der Kunst, DuMont Velaq, Cologne 2004 (German)
- L'Anthologie de l'Art, ed. Analogues, Arles 2008(French)

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James Mills, Philadelphia, Generation 10.