My Word
Bolzano, Italy, 1999 ; Kiel, Germany, 2000 ; Windsor, Canada, 2000 ; Tondern, Denmark, 2000

If you could choose one word, from all the words in the world, which one would it be?


What do the words we use every day mean? Do we all mean the same thing if we think of MY WORD? Is it easy to show your personal opinion in public?

"MY WORD is a collaboration between a museum and a local newspaper in a city located close to a border. It is a public artwork that invites people to participate in an exhibition. If you take this newspaper page with your word to the museum, you receive a gift: a T-shirt for your word. Each T-shirt is an artwork by the author that chose the word, and it is also a work from the public collection of the museum. If a person wears this work of art, more people will see it than would ever see it in a museum."

Museion - Museum for Modern Art, Bozen/Bolzano, 1999
Kunsthalle zu Kiel, 2000
Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario, 2000
Sonderjyllands Kunstmuseum, Tondern, 2000

Object: newspaper ads, T-shirts.