Der goldene Schnitt

CR 90. Year 1987

Der goldene schnitt Jochen Gerz CR 90 web 5
Der goldene schnitt Jochen Gerz CR 90 web 4

Die Ordnung, die ihr Vergessen nennt


Work in public space

7 billboards (b/w photographs on yellow photo paper), each 260 x 360 cm, approx. 10 posters (b/w photographs on yellow photo paper) each between160x60cmand300x60cm

The work is executed as part of a project com- missioned by the Folkwang Museum in Essen. Jochen Gerz selects photographs of the bombing destruction in Essen taken in 1945 from the archives of city photographer Willi von Heekern. The same locations are photogra- phed by the present city photographer in 1987 again. Gerz creates montages from the materi- al based on the principle of the golden section. Past and present visually complement one another in these pieces. The sentence Die Ord- nung, die ihr Vergessen nennt (The order you call forgetting) appears on them. The billbo- ards are placed in situ in such a way that vie- wers see the location depicted on the billboard in front of them.


Südeingang Hauptbahnhof, Huyssenallee/Ecke Skaggerakstraße, Gänsemarkt 16-18, Kopstadtplatz, Limbecker Straße, Kronprinzen-/Helbingstraße, Theaterplatz, U-Bahn Linie U 11, U 17, U 18, 1.10. - 31.10.1987

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My name is Jochen Gerz