Die Zeitungsleser und der Philosoph

The Newspaper Readers and the Philosopher

CR 883. Year 2004

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Questions from Jochen Gerz

Is love and love the same thing?
Has it become easier to be a human being today?
Should we talk about everything?
(Do you want to know it all?)
Are the Nazis coming back?
How long would you like to live?
Can there be happiness on earth?

Public authorship

Passau, Deutschland Newspaper ads 

The public art work Die Zeitungsleser und der Philosoph (The Newspaper Readers and the Philosopher) was Jochen Gerz’ response to an invitation from the Bavarian Passau Press Group to the annual solo art exhibition at the sponsor’s media centre. 

Gerz used the medium Passauer Neue Presse to establish contact with its readers. Each week, the newspaper published one of six questions on a full-page along with a comment on each question by the philosopher Friedrich Kittler. Three-quarters of the page were left blank for use by readers to answer the artist’s question. 

More than 1,000 responses were submitted. Eighty seats at a philosophy discussion with Friedrich Kittler and a group banquet were awarded in a draw. The topic of the discussion was the most frequently answered question: Is love and love the same thing? 


Friedrich Kittler and more than 1,000 readers of the Passauer Neue Presse


Passauer Neue Presse, Gabriele Lindinger, Edith Rabenstein, Karlheinz Schmid


Passau 2004


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