Du milieu aux bords

Von der Mitte zu den Rändern

From the Centre to the Edges

CR 36. Year 1973

Wv 36 Du Milieu Aux Bords Copy 069

    To leave a trace. To trace a path which existed, but no longer exists. The trace which disappears in a trace. To live. Not to live. To exist. To have existed. To remember.

    Helmut Heißenbüttel 1976

    Eine Spur hinterlassen. Einen Weg nachzeichnen, den es gegeben hat, aber von dem nicht weiter gesagt werden kann, daß es ihn noch immer gibt. Die Spur, die in der Spur erlischt. Gelebt. Nicht gelebt. Vorhandensein. Vorhanden gewesen sein. Erinnern.

    Helmut Heißenbüttel 1976

    Visible silence. Art is never a luxury when it touches this silence, when it emerges from it and makes what cannot be said tangible. That means that it comes from life itself. Writing comes from the other side, and when it succeeds in meeting art in life, it should be taken seriously.

    Friedemann Malsch 1988



    Red chalk Duration 15 minutes

    Jochen Gerz stands directly in front of a wall on which he draws undulating horizontal lines in symmetrical patterns extending from his body. The performance ends when he leaves his place. The unmarked area serves as a temporary memory of the outline of his body. 

    A video documentation exists (673).


    Videogramma, Firenze 1973


    I: Bielefeld 1981, pp. 12, 100. Paris 2002, p.40

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    Video (673), 4:25 min, (Videogramma, Firenze)

    Vidéo Les Beaux Jours, la Maison de l’Image, Strasbourg and imai, inter media art institute, Düsseldorf

    Exhibitions of the documentation

    Hattingen 1974. Bruxelles 1975. Ferrera 1975 (Buenos Aires 1975). Aarhaus 1976, Paris 2002 (Strasbourg 2002. Liechtenstein 2002)

    My name is Jochen Gerz