Es findet woanders statt

It happens somewhere else

CR 7. Year 1969

Es Findet Woanders

It happens somewhere else.

Gerz’ undertakings work in a sharp contrast to the other art actions in the exhibition. They barely offer any formal or spatial appeal, but are rather meaning-markers in a poetic sense. An immediate invitation to become aware of something.

Peter Althaus 1969. Translated by eCR editors

Die Unternehmungen von Gerz wirken in einem starken Gegensatz zu den übrigen Aktionen; sie boten kaum einen räumlichen oder formalen Anreiz irgendeiner Art, sondern in einem eher poetischen Sinn Denk-Mäler; also direkte Aufforderungen, sich etwas bewusst zu machen.

Peter Althaus 1969

The uncompromising nature of his works results, now as then, from a radical critique of culture, which Gerz summed up in a 1989 interview in typically metaphorical terms: “It’s all about life, not about cultural added value. Actually, art has little to do with good and evil. It’s not about the survival of culture, but about survival. Culture has taken us exactly where we are today. We have been the world champions in acquiring things. I’ve got a feeling the shelves are coming down on our heads. Today, what matters is how much of it we’re going to be able to recycle.

Friedemann Malsch 2002



A note with the text Es findet woanders statt (It happens somewhere else) is affixed to the wall of an otherwise empty exhibition room at the Kunsthalle Basel.  

Note (stamp ink on paper)
10.5 x 13.5 cm


Basel 1969


My name is Jochen Gerz