Le vote de Barbirey

The vote of Barbirey

CR 876. Year 2000- 2004

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Donner chaque année au jardin le nom d’une personne vivante, différente, choisie par les villageois de Barbirey-sur- Ouche, de leur milieu ou du monde entier, qui les inspire au moment de leur choix grace à ce qu’elle a fait, a voulu entreprendre ou encore ce qui lui est arrivé.

An example of this kind of democratization in art is his project Le Vote de Barbirey (2004), for which he invited the people in the French village of Barbirey each year to name their park after a person of their choice, someone who impressed them either by their deeds or something that happened to them.

Alexander Klar 2011

It could all have started with the recognition that time passes, and that as it passes we, our experiences and points of reference change. The passing of time has been evident from the changes going on around us, and it is only from here, from outside, in other words, that we have been able to perceive the changes in ourselves. We have felt something of the movement and duration of time, where we made a pause, where we took a look, marked a point in time from which our gaze could move forward. And from here, one day, something of that time that has passed with us became perceptible. The changes in things lay hidden in it and the reversal of values. So what would it mean to become aware of this?

Ulrich Krempel 1988

Public authorship / Work in public space

Barbirey-sur-Ouche, France  

Name plate, changing every year, glass, 44.5 x 37.5 cm  

The cultural association Grand Public invited  Jochen Gerz to participate in the “Artists in the  Gardens project” taking place in a private parc open to the public. According to his concept, a panel of seven adults from the village was randomly chosen to be part of a jury to elect a new name for the park each year. The names were chosen to honour the achievements of a living  person. Both the laureates and the members of the jury changed every year. A glass plaque bearing the name of the person selected was installed at the entrance to the park, and all of the 230 residents of Barbirey were invited to a banquet at the castle. Le Vote de Barbirey ended after four years, when ownership of the gardens changed hands.


7 residents of Barbirey-sur-Ouche, changing every year


Pierre Perret, Nicolas Hulot, Jacqueline Rollin, Guy Roux


L’Association Grand Public, Roland Garaudet, (owner 1989-2002), Jean-Bernard und Véronique Guyonnaud (owner since 2002), Laurence Vanpoulle (landscape architect), DRAC Bourgogne, Conseil Général de Côte d’Or, Conseil régional de Bourgogne, Municipalité de Barbirey-sur-Ouche, Crédit Agricole de Côte d’Or, Le mécénat culturel du Bien Public, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Dijon, Goethe Institut Nancy


Barbirey-sur-Ouche, October 2000 – October 2004


I: Barbirey 2000

II: Ed. 20, 2000. Ed. 21, 2000. Ed. 22, 2000. Ed. 23, 2000. Ed. 24, 2000. Bouillot 2000. Bouteillet 2000. Fevre 2000. Frizot 1, 2000. Frizot 2, 2000. Jaurès 2000. Nicolas 2000. Reneau 2000. Sausset 2000. Viron 2000. Ed. 1, 2002. Déotte 2002. Koutsikides/Saint-Do 2002. Mesnard 2002

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