Neue Beiträge zum Telefonbuch von Paris

CR 769. Year 1972

Wv 769 Neue Beitrage Zum Telefonbuch 05



Booklet, 25 paper sheets between light blue file overlays (offset, sewed, overlays stamped), 30.4 x 21.5 cm 

Düsseldorf: Edition Mediacontact (Dietmar Kirves), 1972 

Number of copies: 50, several e. a., signed, numbered, dated, stamped 

Courtesy Galerie Cora Hölzl, Düsseldorf

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In public space of the same title (14) and the editions Den Medien den Rücken kehren (774) and Postsachen (779). 


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I: Düsseldorf 1972. Paris 1975 a, p. 51

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