CR 109. Year 1993

Wv 109 Selfportrait Jochen Gerz 1993 Newport Harbour

Coming finally to a halt in front of the picture, she saw something else: As if she were moving, everything moved, even as sh e stood still. While her eyes tried to hold on to what they saw, her ...



Red vinyl letters, pane of glass Size variable 

The text is applied to the outside window of an exhibition room. A similar version of the text is part of the installation entitled A sense of attention (107). On the basis of the installation the edition entitled Dear Stieglitz (838) is realized. 


Montréal 1993 (Meaux 1993). Vancouver 1994 (Newport Beach 1995. Purchase 1996. Winnipeg 1996/97). Tel Aviv 1995 


I: Vancouver 1994, p. 103. Düsseldorf 1997, pp. 215-21

My name is Jochen Gerz