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CR 40. Year 1974

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At that point, the same bewilderment overcame her again. Nothing happened.

In his play of art/life, Jochen Gerz allots every recipient with a role. "The role of the one who has to make something out of the recipe and the ingredients of a piece not known in advance, and which is not preceded by an interpretation.” You came to look at something and now you have the feeling of being exhibited yourself.

Karlheinz Nowald 1984. Translated by e_CR editors

Jochen Gerz gibt in seinem Kunst/Leben-Spiel jedem seiner Rezipienten eine Rolle, "die Rolle dessen, der aus der Rezeptur, aus den Ingredienzien dieses Stücks etwas zu machen hat, das nicht vorab bekannt ist, das nicht als Vorab-Interpretation mitgeliefert wird. Man war gekommen, etwas zu sehen, und nun hat man das Gefühl, man sei selbst ausgestellt.

Karlheinz Nowald 1984

What was I to do? Which rules should I follow, and which should I violate? Who would or could let me in on what the artist, or for that matter this whole situation, expected of me? This contradiction, this apparently insoluble problem, grew to assume proportions of a personal conflict, a conflict which began as helplessness and gradually, almost paradoxically took shape in the form of a tangible energy on the part of the viewer. In my case, this energy expressed itself in a physically perceptible palpitation of the heart. A trace of life itself, of a life customarily played out beyond its illustration and description, the same life which finally podded me to decide to cut through this Gordian knot: intentionally and consciously to destroy, to cut across part of a work of art... It was I who began to feel myself where before I had only felt the work of art.

Peter Friese 1995

Installation, Performance

White oil chalk Typescript (framed), 27 x 60,5 cm

The word leben (to live) is written on the floor of a room (9 x 17 m) by hand. A framed typescript hangs on the front wall. To decipher the text, visitors must walk across the room, stepping on the chalk writing on the floor in the process.

Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris


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