CR 881. Year 2002 – 2004

Wv 881 Woherwohin 40
Wv 881 Woherwohin 39


Do you know your origins? What do you know of the history of your family and ancestors? Some people you can tell are from far away.

Public authorship

Lake Constance, Germany / Austria / Switzerland 

Newspaper ads, leaflets, billboards 

In 2004, Jochen Gerz was the first visual artist invited to take part in the annual Bodenseefestival. Woherwohin (Wherefromwhereto) posed two questions to the German, Austrian and Swiss residents of the Lake Constance area: 

Where do you come from?
Where do you want to go?

The questions were printed in regional daily newspapers. A world map showing places of origin and destinations of dreams was compiled from the over 2000 answers submitted.  


Bodenseefestival, 2004


2000 inhabitants of the Lake Constance region


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II: Langhart 1, 2004. Langhart 2, 2004. Rabenstein 3, 2004

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